CMA Skills Workshop

This week we have begun a second CMA Skills Workshop, organised by Cumbria Manufacturing Alliance’s Bendalls Engineering and West Cumberland Engineering. This workshop aims to provide additional support to 8 young individuals (shown in the below picture alongside trainer Ethan Spedding) in West Cumbria who are looking to enhance their engineering skills and pursue a career in the industry.

The workshop spans a duration of four weeks, commencing with classroom sessions at WCEL that cover essential topics like IOSH Working Safety, Manual Handling, Human Performance, Communication, and Personal Development tools. As the workshop progresses, participants engage in practical sessions with Bendalls staff at Lakes College focusing on key skills such as welding, fabrication, and machining.

We hope that the candidates find the workshop enjoyable, and for it to serve as a steppingstone towards securing suitable employment or on-the-job training opportunities upon completion.

Inspira for Life
Cumbria Youth Alliance
Job Centre Plus, Workington

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